Spain Permanent Residence in 2022

How to Get a Residence Permit in Spain (Spanish Residency)

All persons who have been employed and have lived in the nation for this period of time can benefit from our team of agents who specialize in Spain immigration concerns. If you wish to relocate to Spain and need help applying for a residence visa, you can count on us. Obtain a residence permit in Spain.

Types of residence permits for Spain

Immigrants from other countries can choose from a variety of residency possibilities in Spain. There are three types of residency: short-term, long-term, and permanent.

Permanent residency can be achieved gradually, depending on the type of visa requested at first. This means that a foreign person must first apply for a temporary or long-term residence permit, based on which he or she can seek permanent residency in Spain. The next stage is to obtain Spanish citizenship. Buy a Spanish permanent resident permit.

Types of visas leading to permanent residency in Spain in 2022

Spain is one of the most friendly countries in Europe, and as a member of the European Union, it provides special benefits to residents from other EU countries who choose to relocate here. EU residents do not require a visa to enter Spain; instead, they must register with the local police station in the city where they will be residing. 

Non-EU citizens, on the other hand, must undergo a series of requirements in order to gain temporary residency in Spain and eventually permanent status. The following are the most common visas that lead to the acquisition of a permanent residence permit in this country:

  • one of the safest ways to gain permanent residency in this country is through employment visas;
  • student visas, which allow international students to temporarily and subsequently permanently relocate to Spain;
  • non-lucrative visas, which are accessible to foreigners who want to retire to Spain but don’t have enough money to support themselves;
  • Foreign businesses and high-net-worth individuals who want to immigrate to Spain can apply for investment visas.
Obtain a residence permit in Spain.

EU blue card

The EU blue card, which is identical to the highly qualified professional in terms of requirements but permits you to operate in any European Union country, is another example. Buy an EU Blue Card.

Its duration varies depending on the nation in which you would be working, but in Spain, for example, it is one year.

Third-country nationals are awarded EU Blue Cards by EU member states. The bearer of an EU Blue Card is allowed to enter the EU for the purpose of seeking gainful work. Obtain a NEI number in Spain.

The EU Blue Card is intended to recruit highly skilled third-country citizens to positions in occupations where qualified persons are in short supply or are expected to become so in the future.

The EU Blue Card is the primary residence permit for international university graduates. It’s a straightforward and unbureaucratic approach aimed at third-country nationals who want to apply their skills.

Residency in Spain based on studies and employment

Working in Spain is one of the most prevalent methods to gain residence. Citizens of other EU nations, as well as non-EU residents, can use this option. It should be mentioned that obtaining residency as a citizen of another EU country is easier because there is no special procedure to complete. 

Foreign residents from non-EU countries will be eligible to seek for residency in Spain starting in 2021 if they come to study or work, as these are viable possibilities for young people. Study visas can be obtained for the period of the courses being taken, and are often issued for short visits (3 to 9 months) or extended durations (2 to 4 years). If the foreign student continues his or her studies at the same educational institution, the visa might be renewed before it expires. The visa renewal process takes place entirely in Spain, with no need to leave the country. In addition, if the student plans to stay in Spain for more than 9 months, he or she can apply for the TIE.

Non-EU citizens are required to sign a work contract before entering Spain. There are numerous sorts of work visas available here as well. Seasonal work visas, au pair work permits, long-term work/residence permits, and the EU Blue Card are all examples.

To get a work visa as a foreign citizen, the position must be on a list of hard-to-find experts, and the company must carry out particular activities in order to engage a non-EU foreign migrant. There are also a number of conditions to complete when applying for residency in Spain depending on the job.

Our Spanish immigration attorneys can provide comprehensive information on the criteria for getting a work visa. We can answer any of your inquiries about applying for a residence permit in Spain.

We may also assist anyone seeking to immigrate to Spain from the United States.

What is the time frame for obtaining a non-lucrative visa in Spain?

The complete application procedure, including document collecting and application resolution time, takes around 3 to 4 months on average. The timings may vary based on the location of the application.

When should I apply, and how far in advance of my arrival in Spain should I do so?

It is not feasible to apply sooner than three (3) months before your anticipated travel date.

Under this permit, are I allowed to work remotely for a foreign firm in Spain?

Some consulates and embassies have expressed reservations about the situation. If the applicant wants to continue working for a foreign firm based in Spain, the application may be denied.

Finally, we also have a backdoor service that can assist you in obtaining the permanent residence permit fast track. A couple of days and the PR is yours legally registered and usable anywhere in Spain and in Europe. Obtain a residence permit in Spain.

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